Initial Reactions to The Florida Project
Open thread

Topics for M 11/11

Here are some topics for our discussion of The Florida Project on M. Feel free to suggest additional topics or start the conversation here.

  • The use of color.
  • Setting: how does the film show us that this place is centered on tourists and what that means for the people who actually live there?
  • How the film makes the mundane beautiful.
  • The use of props, costume and make-up to develop character.
  • The use of editing to fragment m-e-s.
  • What's up with the helicopters?


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Katelyn Beard

When I think more about the use of helicopters in the film, I think having them featured so often reminded the audience of the setting of a tourist town with people constantly coming and going. Using the scenery of large store fronts with bright marketing also was an aid to remember that your in the middle of a tourist town. The castle hotel and other locations became a prop or character in their own way.

Katelyn Beard

This film definitely uses color to bring emotion and character to the locations. The bright purple hotel and the bright colors used for the children's clothing make everything look clean and nice. Whereas, Ashley and Bob are usually shown in darker clothes because they are the adults of the film, where the mom and kids are just children, or at least act like them.

Sadee McClendon

The helicopters in the film was something that stood out to be because I thought it was possibly foreshadowing a big scene involving the helicopters but that scene never happened. At the ending of the film when Moonee and Jancey were running to Disney World I kept thinking about the helicopters so I thought they were going to run to a helicopter and fly away but that would have been even more unrealistic.

Precious Taufetee

I was wondering what was the use of the helicopter through out the film. I thought the helicopter was going to be law enforcement coming down to take away Moniques mom. But I guess that probably would have been a dramatic scene.

Austin W Woodall

One thing Id like to talk about was how when the children would travel down the road across these different spots it was always shot as a long shot from the road. It was really effective at creating a feeling of distance in a 2d space.


I like the perspective of how the film makes the mundane beautiful. I think in the film it shows how these people do not originally have much and how they are constantly struggling so that leaves them to look at things that are mundane in a beautiful light. I think the film does a great job at doing that especially in the scene where they go to the 'dollar tree' and both Mooney and Hayley think everything there is amazing while most people would not. I also see how the mundane is beautiful with the consistent scenes of ice cream. It is shown that ice cream is Mooneys favorite snack and it is some big thing when she gets the ice cream.

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